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Digital wayfinding can offer numerous advantages for universities in several ways, including:

  • Improved navigation for new students: Digital wayfinding can help new students navigate the campus and find their way to classes, offices, and other important locations. This can reduce stress and anxiety often experienced by new students and increase their overall satisfaction with the university experience.

  • Increased efficiency for staff and faculty: Digital wayfinding can help university staff and faculty navigate the campus more efficiently, reducing the amount of time spent searching for specific buildings or offices. This can improve productivity and help staff and faculty make the most of their time on campus.

  • Real-time updates and alerts: Digital wayfinding can provide real-time updates and alerts to students and staff, such as class cancellations or changes to room assignments. This can help to avoid confusion and ensure that everyone is aware of any changes to their schedules.

  • Enhanced promotion of events and activities: Digital wayfinding can be a valuable tool for promoting events and activities on campus. By highlighting various locations and activities on the map, universities can increase the visibility of their events and encourage more students and staff to participate.

Overall, digital wayfinding can provide numerous benefits to universities, including improved navigation, increased productivity, better communication, and enhanced promotion of campus events and activities.

Student or teacher journey from home to end destination. (1-6)

At home planning your visit

The university’s website features a 3D model map of the entire campus area, which enables visitors to plan their visit before arriving. This is made possible thanks to our website’s digital wayfinding integration code.

Arriving at the university or school

Upon arrival at your university or school, you can be welcomed by outdoor digital wayfinding products that utilize previous website search behaviors to automatically display relevant and correct information based on the visitor’s search history.


At every entrance of the university, students and teachers can access a beautifully designed digital map that provides a quick and easy overview of the entire campus layout. This digital poster can be wirelessly transferred to their smartphones for convenience and easy access, enabling seamless navigation throughout the university.

Hallways - MVG | Wave

As you move further inside the school or university, you can utilize interactive directories to have a multi-touch experience to find your destination. The kiosks are designed with a user experience in mind to provide quick access to the necessary information. You can optionally wirelessly transfer the MVG | NavApp to your smartphone.

In route - MVG | NavApp

Using augmented reality and step-by-step guides, the mobile digital wayfinding solution enables students and teachers to easily locate their desired destinations and explore important information within the university or school. The solution leverages automatic positioning services, eliminating the need for external devices, and ensuring optimal performance in all areas.


The automation widget eliminates the need for manual content administration. By integrating with your existing CMS systems, it can automatically extract and synchronize information across all platforms. This enables you to manage everything from a single location, saving you time and ensuring that all devices have access to the most up-to-date information.


Wayfinding Universities

Our solutions streamline guest, student, and staff mobility on campus. Finding one’s way is more concrete with a visual representation of the campus and current location. 

Search Engine

Often late for classes and/or meetings? Relevant search engine capacity is imperative to improving time management. Landmark signage makes it easy for campus goers to locate classrooms, restrooms, cafeterias, libraries and more.

On-Campus Events

The plain truth is that traditional wayfinding methods no longer support modern living. If your message misses its mark, then you get left behind. MVG wayfinder strategy lets you create custom signage for any event. From commencement speeches to spontaneous gatherings, strategically placed signage moves people in the right direction.

Multiple Devices

Offer your college or university wanderers an omnichannel experience they will thank you for.


Optimise campus accessibility by highlighting ramps and special need accessible locations.

All users, all the time.

QR Code Locations

Pindrop locations by scanning QR code signs.

No downloads. No worries.


Less wandering, more learning. Our wayfinding signage solutions inspire educational success.

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