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In addition to our stunning digital furniture, our system also enables you to provide relevant guidance to users on their personal devices. Our system uses advanced AI technology to recognize scanned QR codes and guide potential customers directly to your location. This feature ensures that customers receive a seamless and convenient experience when engaging with your business. 

Starting small?

Deploying a digital wayfinding solution is as simple as utilizing our MVG | NavApp a mobile application and QR codes. These two tools are all that is required to implement an effective digital wayfinding system that can guide users through complex environments with ease and accuracy. Our solution is designed to be user-friendly and streamlined, allowing businesses to quickly and easily provide their customers with an intuitive and efficient navigation experience.

Our Comprehensive Digital Wayfinding Solution

We offer a comprehensive digital wayfinding solution encompassing both hardware and software components. If you're in need of just the software, we can provide that as a standalone option. Our wayfinding solution easily integrates into any system or platform, ensuring seamless compatibility.

Vision Based & Machine Learning

"Our mobile wayfinding application employs a vision and sensor-based positioning system, which utilizes augmented reality to enhance the user's experience. This feature makes it the perfect solution for navigating through various environments, including universities and shopping malls. The application offers seamless indoor and outdoor navigation and is compatible with any smartphone device."

“Experience cutting-edge navigation with our vision-based and machine learning technology. Our system utilizes advanced techniques to provide seamless and intuitive navigation for our users. With the integration of vision-based and machine learning capabilities, our system offers unparalleled accuracy and precision, making it the ideal solution for any environment.”

Benefits of Digital Wayfinding

Interactive designs

Make it easy for your visitors and employees to navigate in universities, hospitals, airports, hotels and more. Improve customer satisfaction with our interactive design and directories.


Build brand awareness

Including digital wayfinding in your marketing strategy is a cost-effective way of building brand recognition, attracting more customers and providing a unique journey, every time.


All-in-one solution

“Our interactive system provides a comprehensive and flexible solution that is customized to meet your unique requirements. Our software is simple to manage and seamlessly integrates with your existing platforms. Our system boasts fast installation, market-leading features, and complete support from our team.” 

We offer more than software solutions; we provide custom hardware to enhance your experience, including our tailor-made LTE digital signage router with embedded internet solutions and more.


Automated and flexible

Our automatic data synchronisation extracts information from a variety of sources. Distribute it automatically on wayfinder or signage and use it to improve your business.


Easy to integrate with other maps

Our smart feature Sync Smart Plug-In lets you synchronise your data with Google Maps and Apple Maps, enabling 3D navigation directly in your smartphone. Easily update the maps and show the data through a customised interface.


Increase profitability with targeted ads

“Maximize your revenue potential by seamlessly connecting your visitors with relevant brands in real-time through our digital wayfinding solution. Our custom-built system effortlessly integrates programmatically with ads, providing a hassle-free monetization experience. Our Digital Signage System offers precise control over ad targeting, ensuring that the right audience sees the right message.”

All Power to You

“Our intuitive content management system puts you in the driver’s seat, enabling you to seamlessly manage your content. With robust analytics tracking capabilities, you can monitor your data and choose what content to display, and when to display it. Additionally, our system utilizes machine-learning-powered technology, providing you with the option to automate your content delivery process.”

See how it works

Digital Wayfinding works on any device, browser or operating system. Run it at any angle, 2D or 3D, without any limitations. 

Our unique digital models can be used in any angle or format.



We’ve developed an effortless out-of-the-box solution for you. With our “sync” plugins, we seamlessly extract the content from your existing systems and seamlessly integrate it into our digital wayfinding solution. This not only saves you time and money but also simplifies system management for your employees.

Monetized Wayfinding

Unlock the profitability (programmatic) of your Wayfinding with our exclusive API technology, which seamlessly integrates third-party ads. Our solution is also integrated into our IoT network, offering an opportunity for additional revenue once activated. You have the option to either white-label the solution or open it to the public, expanding your advertising reach and boosting profits.


Digital Signage System

Manage the ads displayed in the digital wayfinding system based on visitor behavior. You can select the specific content you prefer or let our AI-powered programmatic system take care of it. 

Alternatively, you have the option to manually configure what should be displayed, whether it’s lunch ads, morning ads, or any other specific content.

API Enables Everything

Leverage your data in a way that best aligns with your business needs. We have experience working with the industry’s most popular CMS systems, including Optimizely, WordPress, Umbraco, and more.

Integrate real-time information such as bus schedules, train timings, taxi services, parking availability, and much more. With our digital wayfinding solution, the possibilities for additional features are limitless, ultimately enhancing visitor satisfaction.


Vision-Based Navigation

Augmented reality enriches the digital wayfinding experience for users. We seamlessly merge AR visuals with WEBGL technology, creating a harmonious fusion of these cutting-edge approaches. 

Leveraging the built-in sensors in today’s smartphones, our system automatically positions users without requiring any installations or downloads—seamless functionality is guaranteed!

Citymaps included

This application seamlessly integrates our custom-made indoor models using WEBGL with an outdoor map that leverages various mapping networks for the external environment. We harmoniously blend GEO coordinates, ensuring users can transition seamlessly between outdoor and indoor spaces. You have complete control over the entire journey from your starting point ‘home’ to your indoor ‘destination.’

Furthermore, the outdoor journey unlocks a host of new features and functions, including the ability to connect with diverse API sources to assist the user.

Solutions for any industry

We offer market-leading solutions for both wayfinding and digital signage. Choose your industry and read more about what we can do for you. 




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wayfinder Signage


wayfinder Signage




wayfinder Signage


wayfinder Signage




Wayfinder Signage

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