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We leverage our knowledge, expertise, and the latest technology to craft a distinctive digital signage experience, from developing strategies to delivering solutions.

Digital signage can offer several benefits for malls and their customers. Firstly, malls are large and complex facilities, with multiple stores, restaurants, and other amenities. Digital signage can provide easy-to-read, eye-catching displays that can help customers to quickly find what they’re looking for and navigate the mall more easily.

Secondly, digital signage can provide real-time updates on sales, promotions, and other information, helping customers to make informed shopping decisions and take advantage of special offers. It can also provide alerts and notifications regarding important information such as store closures, parking lot changes, or other updates that may impact the shopping experience.

Thirdly, digital signage can help malls to promote their own events, as well as events and promotions offered by individual stores. By highlighting these features on the displays, malls can increase their visibility and encourage more customers to visit and shop.

Fourthly, digital signage can reduce the need for printed signage, which can save time and money for mall staff and reduce waste. It can also make it easier to update and modify the mall layout and feature placement, without the need for physical changes to signage or displays.

Finally, digital signage can be a valuable tool for mall branding and marketing. By offering a modern and engaging visual experience, malls can create a positive impression among customers and enhance their overall perception of the mall.

Overall, digital signage can provide numerous benefits to malls, including improved navigation, increased promotion of events and promotions, reduced costs, enhanced shopping experience, and improved branding and marketing.

Digital signage is easy to use. Create, manage and publish content using our tailor-made web based content management system (CMS).

Signage Malls

Engage and attract more customers while driving revenue using digital signage.

Seamless Experience

The customer expects the same digital signage experience in malls that they find online. Digital signage is a natural part of any shopping mall and a great way to increase customer engagement.

Combine to enhance

Combine digital signage and wayfinding for an even better experience. Provide your mall visitors with personalised content while they simultaneously navigate their way around.

Tailor-made solution

We have combined hardware with our tailor-made software to offer the complete package. With over 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to create a stable signage environment.


Show the right content, at the right time, to the right person. Always.


Our digital signage solutions increase customer engagement and boost sales.

This simply elegant multi-touch screen stand is an excellent choice to deliver all your digital wayfinding solutions. We can connect data from the “automation” service to enable “smart” content.

Meet your visitors and guests with messages and relevant information before they enter your mall. This product has an integrated LTE device (Internet) and even a touchscreen to enable a interactivity – your quick ready to market signage product with all things included. 

Different sizes of screen(s) bundled with internal mediaplayer, mounting and optionally add LTE device for a quick and easy deployment. Your quick to market solution – screens can be installed in 16:9 (landscape or 9:16 portrait).

Improve your foot traffic flow with these ceiling mounted screens. Let your stadium goers navigate from a distance and communicate in realtime.

API synchronized, these information blocks streamline each wayfinding need.

This app is all you need to navigate any mall. It uses WebGL APIs to create a very satisfying augmented reality experience. Lead the user to any spot, anywhere, anytime. Use the in depth data to communicate relvant signage ads.

State-of-the-art customized navigation stands for those wanting to provide an effortless multi-touch wayfinding experience. From these a user can with QR or NFC wirelessly transfer the MVG | NapApp.

Solutions for any industry

We offer market-leading solutions for both wayfinding and digital signage. Choose your industry and read more about what we can do for you. 




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wayfinder Signage


wayfinder Signage




wayfinder Signage


wayfinder Signage




Wayfinder Signage

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