Digital Signage for Retail

Create a dynamic in-store experience and boost customer loyalty

Digital signage can provide several advantages to retailers, making it an essential tool for marketing and customer engagement. Firstly, digital signage can attract the attention of customers by presenting eye-catching and dynamic displays that showcase products, promotions, and deals. This can create a more engaging shopping experience and increase the likelihood of customers making a purchase.

Secondly, digital signage can improve the efficiency of retail operations by providing real-time updates on inventory, pricing, and product information. This can enable retailers to respond quickly to changing market trends and customer demands, while also reducing the need for manual updates and physical signage.

Thirdly, digital signage can help retailers to collect valuable customer data, such as purchase histories and browsing habits, which can be used to personalize promotions and improve the overall customer experience. This can help to build customer loyalty and increase the lifetime value of each customer.

Fourthly, digital signage can enhance the branding and marketing of retailers by providing consistent and cohesive messaging across all touchpoints. This can create a more memorable and recognizable brand image, and increase the likelihood of customers returning for future purchases.

Finally, digital signage can create a more immersive and interactive shopping experience, by enabling customers to explore products and services in greater detail through videos, images, and other multimedia. This can enhance the overall customer experience and increase customer engagement with the brand.

In summary, digital signage can provide significant benefits to retailers, including improved customer engagement, more efficient operations, personalized marketing, enhanced branding, and an immersive shopping experience. By utilizing digital signage effectively, retailers can stay ahead of the competition and deliver a more engaging and satisfying shopping experience for their customers.

Digital signage is easy to use. Create, manage and publish content using our tailor-made web based content management system (CMS).

Signage Retail

Engage and attract more customers while driving revenue using digital signage. Connect our NavApp to understand were they are, what they are looking for. This knowledge helps you create a content that matches exactly what they are looking for – in realtime.

Seamless Experience

The customer expects the same digital signage experience in retail stores that they find online. Digital signage is now a natural part of retail and a great way to increase customer engagement.

Combine to enhance

Combine digital signage and wayfinding for an even better experience. Provide your customers with personalised content while they simultaneously navigate their way around your establishment.

Tailor-made solution

We have combined hardware with our tailor-made software to offer the complete package. With over 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to create a stable signage environment. Enable and connect eCommerce to your omni-channel and increase your sales and revenue.


Show the right content, at the right time, to the right person. Always.


Our digital signage solutions increase customer engagement and boost sales.


Crafted, produced, and developed in Sweden, this chic solution is suitable for indoor application and can convey all the necessary information that needs to be communicated within a building.

Featuring a minimalist design, this product, developed, manufactured, and crafted in Sweden, comes complete with everything you need, including internet, media player, and support, to enable easy placement of screens at your desired locations.

This groundbreaking AR & WEBGL navigation app is all you need to navigate any retail enviroment. It uses WebGL APIs to create a very satisfying augmented reality experience. Lead the user to any spot, anywhere, anytime.

State-of-the-art customized navigation stands for those wanting to provide an effortless multi-touch wayfinding experience.

This simply elegant multi-touch screen stand is an excellent choice to deliver all your digital wayfinding solutions. Cost effective & portable.

An arena and its 360° navigation could use a few MVG Android OS stands. Its sizeable 43.5″ multi-touch screen offers an efficient seat, washroom, and concession stand wayfinding solution.

Solutions for any industry

We offer market-leading solutions for both wayfinding and digital signage. Choose your industry and read more about what we can do for you. 




wayfinder Signage


wayfinder Signage


wayfinder Signage




wayfinder Signage


wayfinder Signage




Wayfinder Signage

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