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The absence of a touch screen in a wayfinding system. Visitors can locate services/tenants or other important information using the overview map image on the non-touch panel. Scanning QR codes allow customers or visitors to navigate to their desired location and download the MVG | NavApp application wirelessly. After leaving the large screen panel, visitors can access a map on their mobile devices.

In any building, this stylish solution provides information about every aspect of communication. It provides a quick overview of all tenants and services.

It runs on touch-less screens, and is an extremely simple solution to deploy. All things are integrated by default into the screen. IoT devices, media players, and the Internet of Things.

Updates automatically update the content, and if you have other digital wayfinding products, they all show the same information.

A digital poster can be used to direct people to any destination, service, or product. You can wirelessly transfer the “MVG | NavApp” to your customers/visitors via QR codes.

The resolutions of the screens range from 1080 to 4k. We tailor our solutions to meet your needs. We have designed “default” templates and “styles” that we recommend and know work. However, we can make any changes needed to match your companies graphical profile.

With the product, you also get the “MVG | NavApp” wireless application (click here for more information), enabling complete navigation from any smartphone. Using QR codes the application is wirelessly transferred.

It is easy to install and maintain this product. Integrated media player, internet, and IoT devices. It is simply a matter of choosing the screen size, mounting it on a wall, and inserting power – our software takes care of the rest.

It’s perfect for getting a quick overview of a large building since it’s a touch-less solution. An easy-to-deploy Covid-19 safe solution.

Customers can download the app to get more information or detailed guides simply by scanning the QR code.

Specifically for Digital Wayfinding, we do not suggest manual updating. This often renders content quickly out-of-date and demands constant updating. Instead, we recommend connecting with our team of developers to extract and automate content through the use of API.

By enabling automation and machine learning from our services, you can connect to our programmatic advertising engines. Enable the use of machine learning that can make smart and real-time AI connections of where data should be sent. For example, someone is searching for “shoes”. Then, through automation and machine learning, the information can be sent to other screens which then shows the right ads.

Read more about our automation service here.

All of our products come with daily (workdays) first line support after purchase. This includes a one-year cost. This subscription will be updated after the first year based on your needs.

You will also be able to see all your devices running using our “Monitoring CMS” system.

You can read more about our support tool here (Monitoring CMS). 

Using this tool, our teams can remotely fix/patches/solve problems remotely. For on-site problem solving, we need to work together after purchase to setup the right communication channels with electricians or other on-site personnel (or external companies).

To get the most out of your purchase of our product(s), we recommend a workshop meeting. Here’s more information about that.

With the exception of the “automation” service, which is one of the most important features, service, support, and custom integrations are very common. The digital wayfinder can, for example, display “bus times”, “train schedules” or other information that your customers will find useful.

Any type of custom work can be integrated and created – but it all starts with a “workshop” where we can go over everything in detail.

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