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“We provide a unique digital signage experience with our expertise, knowledge, and the latest technology – from strategy to solution. Our smart digital screens are designed to react to what people are searching for and we also offer a unique automation service that enables payments, making it easier for visitors to purchase items or services within the stadium.”

Digital signage is good for stadiums for several reasons. First, it can provide a more engaging and interactive experience for fans. With digital displays showing live game updates, replays, and player statistics, fans can stay up-to-date with the game and feel more involved in the action.

Second, digital signage can help improve the flow of people within the stadium. Displays showing wayfinding information, such as directions to seating sections or concession stands, can help reduce congestion and prevent bottlenecks.

Third, digital signage can be used for advertising and promotions. Stadiums can display ads for upcoming games or events, as well as promotions for merchandise or concessions, which can increase revenue for the stadium and improve the overall fan experience.

Finally, digital signage can provide important safety and emergency information. In the event of an emergency, displays can quickly show evacuation routes or other critical information to ensure the safety of fans and staff.

Digital Signage is easy to use. Create, manage, and publish content using our tailor-made web based content management system (CMS).

Signage Arenas

Enable employees to navigate around stadium enviroments with ease. Go mobile or tap into our digital wayfinding furniture.

Seamless Experience

The visitor expects the same digital signage experience in arenas that they find online. Digital signage is now a natural part of any arena or stadium, making the visit more pleasant and enjoyable.

Combine to enhance

Combine digital signage and wayfinding for an even better experience. Provide your visitors with personalised content while they simultaneously navigate their way around the arena.

Tailor-made solution

We have combined hardware with our tailor-made software to offer the complete package. With over 15 years of experience, we know what it takes to create a stable signage environment.


Show the right content, at the right time, to the right person. Always.


Engage and build relationships using digital signage. Boost impulse purchase sales.

This app is all you need to navigate any stadium. It uses WebGL APIs to create a very satisfying augmented reality experience. Lead the user to any spot, anywhere, anytime.

State-of-the-art customized navigation stands for those wanting to provide an effortless multi-touch wayfinding experience.

This simply elegant multi-touch screen stand is an excellent choice to deliver all your digital wayfinding solutions. Cost effective & portable.

An arena and its 360° navigation could use a few MVG Android OS stands. Its sizeable 43.5″ multi-touch screen offers an efficient seat, washroom, and concession stand wayfinding solution.

We create a digital map model of your entire indoor/outdoor complex. This enables us to create links to the digital signage enviroment to “smartly” connect messages to what people are actually searching for. Helping you to sell more.

Improve your foot traffic flow with these ceiling mounted screens. Let your stadium goers navigate from a distance and communicate in realtime.

API synchronized, these information blocks streamline each wayfinding need.

Solutions for any industry

We offer market-leading solutions for both wayfinding and digital signage. Choose your industry and read more about what we can do for you. 




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wayfinder Signage


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wayfinder Signage


wayfinder Signage




Wayfinder Signage

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