Digital Wayfinding for Universities

Explore educational facilities with confidence

MVG Wayfinder shows students and visitors the way.
Navigate your institution with ease.

MVG Wayfinder Signage minimises delays and maximises wayfinding.
Help acclimate newcomers, while simultaneously supporting your current students, faculty and staff with campus orientation. Do you want to offer important information while the students are using our NavApp? Help them get to their location in time for class, thanks to our NavApp solution. 


Wayfinding Universities

Our solutions streamline guest, student, and staff mobility on campus. Finding one’s way is more concrete with a visual representation of the campus and current location. 

Search Engine

Often late for classes and/or meetings? Relevant search engine capacity is imperative to improving time management. Landmark signage makes it easy for campus goers to locate classrooms, restrooms, cafeterias, libraries and more.

On-Campus Events

The plain truth is that traditional wayfinding methods no longer support modern living. If your message misses its mark, then you get left behind. MVG wayfinder strategy lets you create custom signage for any event. From commencement speeches to spontaneous gatherings, strategically placed signage moves people in the right direction.

Multiple Devices

Offer your college or university wanderers an omnichannel experience they will thank you for.


Optimise campus accessibility by highlighting ramps and special need accessible locations.

All users, all the time.

QR Code Locations

Pindrop locations by scanning QR code signs.

No downloads. No worries.


Less wandering, more learning. Our wayfinding signage solutions inspire educational success.

The MVG interactive digital display makes navigating around urban, exurban, and suburban campuses a breeze.

MVG Wave | Premium Multi-Touch Digital Display Screen | Smart Home Hub Wayfinding Solution.

Giving visitors wayfinding control promotes trust. Modern multi-touch screens support the independent wayfinder.

Screens mounted on walls of different sizes, can be a touchscreen or no-touch. The list mode of all products can be easily displayed, including a QR code, so a customer can easily scan it to get the MVG | NavApp wirelessly to their smartphones.

Once you have one digital map you can deploy unlimited amount of digital wayfinding “product(s)”. And integrate it into any website or app.

MVG | Digital Wayfinding - Journey

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