Digital Wayfinding for Arenas & Stadiums

The journey from home to end destination of a guest. (1-6)

At home planning your visit

From the Arena or Stadiums website, you can plan your visit before you arrive.  A complete 3D model is created which the user can freely explore remotely before arriving.

Arriving at the Arena or Stadium

As you reach your stadium or arena, you’ll be welcomed by digital wayfinding products that utilize an API to detect your arrival and communicate with you. This is made possible thanks to our outdoor totems, click below to learn more.

Arena Entrance

As visitors enter through any arena entrance, they will have access to a digital poster that offers a brief and quick overview of the building layout. From these screens, they can optionally wirelessly get the wayfinding app. Click below to learn more.

Hallways - MVG | Wave

As you move further inside the arena, you can utilize interactive directories to have a multi-touch experience to find your destination. The kiosks are designed with a user experience in mind to provide quick access to the necessary information. You can optionally wirelessly transfer the MVG | NavApp to your smartphone.

In route - MVG | NavApp

By leveraging augmented reality and WebGL technology, the mobile digital wayfinding solution allows visitors to swiftly locate their intended destinations. It employs automatic positioning services, which means that there’s no need for any external devices, and it functions efficiently in all areas. 


The automation widget eliminates the need for manual content administration. By integrating with your existing CMS systems, it can automatically extract and synchronize information across all platforms. This enables you to manage everything from a single location, saving you time and ensuring that all devices have access to the most up-to-date information.

Give all your visitors the finest arena experience possible.

Finding your seat just got easier. We know some people have problems navigating arenas and stadiums.
MVG Wayfinder solution ensures the best visitor experience possible.

During the event, visitors can benefit from the intuitive search engine’s ability to locate any point-of-interest available. Connect the Arena shops and offers with our “NavApp” digital wayfinding app to enable seamless payments, which helps you sell more.  

Digital wayfinding has become increasingly popular in many public spaces, including stadiums. This technology provides a more efficient and convenient way for fans to navigate the complex layouts of large sports venues. Here are a few reasons why digital wayfinding is particularly beneficial for stadiums:

  1. Improved fan experience: Digital wayfinding can greatly enhance the fan experience by providing clear and concise directions to different areas of the stadium. This can help fans navigate the often-confusing layout of a large sports venue, reducing frustration and ensuring that fans don’t miss any of the action.

  2. Increased efficiency: With digital wayfinding, fans can quickly and easily find the location of their seats, concessions, restrooms, and other important amenities. This helps to reduce lines and congestion, improving the flow of foot traffic throughout the stadium.

  3. Real-time updates: Digital wayfinding can also provide real-time updates on wait times, traffic flow, and other important information. This can help fans plan their visit more effectively and make the most of their time at the stadium.

  4. Personalization: Some digital wayfinding systems can be personalized based on individual fan preferences. For example, fans can input their favorite food and beverage options, and the system can provide recommendations based on their preferences.

  5. Cost-effective: Digital wayfinding is often more cost-effective than traditional signage and can be easily updated with new information. This makes it an attractive option for stadiums looking to improve their fan experience without breaking the bank.

Overall, digital wayfinding is a valuable tool for stadiums looking to enhance the fan experience and improve operational efficiency. By providing clear and concise directions and real-time updates, digital wayfinding can help ensure that fans have a positive and memorable experience at the stadium.


Knowing exactly where you are and where you want to go increases customer experience dramatically.

Wayfinding Arenas

Enable employees or visitors to navigate around stadium environments with ease. Go mobile or tap into our digital wayfinding stations.


Make your stadium access-friendly to all users.

Multiple Screen App

Provide consistent digital wayfinding experiences for users across all devices.

Kiosk Ready

Install interactive, multi-touch terminals with wayfinding solutions, and place them in heavily trafficked areas, letting users orient themselves to the scope of your arena. Keep your users in touch with reality – augmented reality, that is.

Box Occupancy

Help your employees and VIPs locate private boxes, locker rooms, or the quickest way to the best seats in the arena.

Custom Maps

Integrate MVG Wayfinder solutions with your existing CMS backbone.

This app is all you need to navigate any stadium, using WebGL APIs to create a very satisfying augmented reality experience. Lead the user to any spot, anywhere and anytime.

State-of-the-art, customised navigation stands for those wanting to provide an effortless multi-touch wayfinding experience.

This simply elegant, multi-touch screen stand is an excellent choice to deliver all your digital wayfinding solutions. Cost effective and portable.

An arena, with its 360° navigation, could use a few MVG Android OS stands. The MVG’s sizable, 43.5″, multi-touch screen offers an efficient seat, washroom, and concession stand wayfinding solution.

We create a digital map model of your entire indoor/outdoor complex. MVG’s wayfinding tech syncs with Google Maps or Apple Maps to make even a first-time stadium experience truly amazing.

Improve your foot traffic flow with these ceiling mounted screens. Let your stadium goers navigate from a distance and communicate in real time.

API synchronised, these information blocks streamline each wayfinding need.

Solutions for any industry

We offer market-leading solutions for both wayfinding and digital signage. Choose your industry and read more about what we can do for you. 




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Wayfinder Signage

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