Digital Wayfinding for Retail

MVG makes searching and finding a thing of the past.

More satisfied customers means more future visits, and more retailers looking to secure spaces in the reatil.

As a retail centre operator you can equally benefit from satisfied visitors and thus increase your revenue. People can easily find your products, and even purchase or scan them directly from their smartphones. This is possible thanks to our Automation service and AR (augmented reality) vision NavApp


Wayfinding Retail

From the retail store entrance to their favourite locations, MVG Wayfinder gives your client(s) a sense of control.

Multiple Devices

Provide an omnichannel shopping experience, on any device. With Google Maps integrated into our 3D model, you find current content on all platforms.

Interactive Kiosk

Giving your retail goers an interactive digital map, turns the words “information kiosk” into “look, we’re here; let’s go there.” All this without breadcrumbs.


Optimise store accessibility by highlighting ramps and elevator locations.

All users, all the time.


Presentation video

Enhances customer experience and create real business value


Optimise Store Visibility

Help market your brands and increase retail visibility by highlighting colourful ethos and logos.


Alphabetise or categorise. It is your choice how you display specific spaces in your retail enviroment or store. 

Seamless Integration

Integrate other systems with MVG Wayfinder: Facility management, asset tracking, location-based messages and more.

Easily place screens in strategic locations to cover all your bases. No one gets left behind.

Picture perfect, no-nonsense, eye-level attention grabbers. Classic.

For a retail store with a high ceiling, this is the perfect place to communicate relevant and important retail product information. Use our automation services to automate the content – or manage it manually.

Meet your customers before they enter your facility. Let them scan the QR code to get the MVG | PWA app wirelessly before they start shopping. Communicate and help customers find what they are looking for.

​​Easily place screens in strategic locations to cover all of your bases. No one gets left behind.

Integrate our wayfinding into existin apps or websites. Multiple demos and integration examples available.

MVG | Digital Wayfinding - Journey

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