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You can easily place digital wayfinding screens wherever you like – everything is integrated. An app for digital wayfinding is included as well with a simpler, cost-efficient design.

Our digital wayfinding terminal is an efficient model with a simplistic design. Our unique “terminal UX” application is included.

This product can be used with our industry leading 43.5″ multi-touch screen, embedded media player, and internet (cellular) so it can be installed anywhere.

With the product, you also get the “MVG | NavApp” wireless application (click here for more information), enabling complete navigation from any smartphone. Using QR codes the application is wirelessly transferred.

Specifically for Digital Wayfinding, we do not suggest manual updating. This often renders content quickly out-of-date and demands constant updating. Instead, we recommend connecting with our team of developers to extract and automate content through the use of API.

By enabling automation and machine learning from our services, you can connect to our programmatic advertising engines. Enable the use of machine learning that can make smart and real-time AI connections of where data should be sent. For example, someone is searching for “shoes”. Then, through automation and machine learning, the information can be sent to other screens which then shows the right ads.

Read more about our automation service here.

After purchase of any of our product(s) we do recommend a workshop meeting to help you get the most out of your product. You can read more about that here.

Except “automation” service which is one of the most important features, service, support and custom integrations is very common to go through. For example if you want to show “bus times”, “train schedule” or other things which makes the digital wayfinder offer your customers a better service.

We can integrate and create any type of custom work – but it all starts with a “workshop” were we can go through with you in detail and review all things.

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