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A unique 3D-designed model for any environment, used for navigation or VR and AR applications and much more.


To use digital wayfinding you need a digital map model. Once this model is created for you, it can be used with all our wayfinding products.

The cost for creating and setting up a digital map model is dependent on your environment, and what existing digital material you have for your facility. 

Once a map model has been created, the model can be used anywhere. It can be viewed from any angle and displayed on all devices and exported into different formats. It can be used for third-party solutions such as Google Maps and Apple Maps and more.

The model is made in a true standardised digital format which can be used in any angle or format (2D or 3D), compatible with AR and VR. The format is easily managed by Blender, a free program. Read more here. By using standardised formats, such as .dae and .obj, this model is created it can be used by many different programs and even exported to print in any resolution or format.


Startup procedure to help you with a map model:

Step 1:
We start by reviewing your facility (building) and current digital material, if you have any. We will then set-up an initial team call to go through this with you.

Step 2:
After reviewing your content we will know your cost level.

Variables we look at that sets the level are: Material quality, current material, and quality of communication. It can take several meetings to get the model accurate and modelled correctly, so it matches the environment.

Inside the model, we set up the escalators, elevators, services, and more, so all the basic networks are set correctly. After this setup, you will get access to the MVG Cloud system to manage your map.

We can assist with a service to help you manage the map, updating store positions, product locations, or whatever you need. This cost is quoted separately or charged hourly depending on what works best for your team.

The user interface, which your customers and guests can use to locate things on the map model (map), is set to these initial templates:

  • Kiosk template UI/UX, which is optimised for multi-touch screens 16:9 format.
  • PWA APP UI/UX that works everywhere and on all devices.
  • Custom graphical settings can be applied depending on your company’s graphical profile. 

We can customise the map and UI/UX , adding what you need. The price quote for this is hourly and dependent on your out-of-the-box solution. The default package will be given to you after the model is created.

Below you can see how the kiosk application looks like. It is optimised for multitouch 16:9 screens.

The UI/UX interfaces are different when running on mobile devices or desktops.

You can customise the map afterward with any POI (locations) you want customers to navigate to. The content is either manually managed or automated from your current CMS (content management system) or API that you might have available. Please contact us for more information on this. We highly recommend connecting automated services and plugins, to make use of centralised management of all things found on the map.

We have some of the most unique synchronisation plugins on the market today for achieving this.

The map model can afterward be shown in any angle and view mode. Textures and settings are applied to match your styling and graphical profiles. Here we combine our extensive knowledge of several years of creating navigation for people in public environments. The digital map model is created of the highest quality and rendered for use on any display.  

It is a true 3D format .dae .glb file which you can use to import into external 3D programs, such as displaying the model in VR or Augmented Reality solutions.

Each model we create can be displayed on a static print if needed. We offer these solutions separately.

For additional work or modifications, we offer you our services at an hourly cost to help you out with administration, setup, changes, and more.

It is also good to know that once the model is created you can display it on multiple screens, websites, apps, and use it on any of the products we offer.

The digital map model is a high-quality standardised model in a .dae .glb format which is compatible with all standardised tools on the market. It can be imported into other tools.

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