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A tailor-made digital asset map model that is compatible across multiple platforms.

In our exclusive format, any angle can be used, whether it is 3D or 2D.

Specify Your Requirements

Amount of POI
Amount of Floors
How many Buildings
Outdoor Enviroment

Your Order

Once a model has been created it can be used in any angle and any view (2D or 3D) and deployed to any of our digital wayfinding product(s)! You only need one map model for each location.

Once a map model has been created it can also be customized and changed to any level you will need.

With the exception of manually adjusting and setting the number of “POIs”, “Floors”, and “Buildings”, we can help you with everything. We suggest you contact us via email or phone, then we will schedule a meeting to assist you.

A point of interest (POI) is a specific point location that someone may find useful or interesting. When ordering a map we decide the cost after how many POI´s you want to have on the map. 

For example ATM´s, Tenants, Shops and more. There is no limit on how many POI´s you can have. Its very easy to later add more POI´s later if you want, but during first setup and creation of map model we need this data to correctly assume the hours needed to setup you map.

How many floors you want – decides the complexity of the navigation. You can have how many floors you want. We have no limits in how many floors you can have. You can also later add floors if needed.

The amount of buildings increases the complexity in the wayfinding algorithm, since one guide depending on were a person is creates more possible “routes”. You can at a later stage add more buildings if needed. There is no limit on how many buildings you can have

Is the exterior parts of the “building” or “facility”, perhaps navigating to parking spaces, train stations, bus stations and more is needed. Adding the outdoor environment also shows the customer a more external view – helping them understanding their location.

We connect our outdoor environment either with cretaing our own outdoor WEBGL/3D model – or we use Google Maps or Mapbox to visualize the outdoor.

For us, the process of setting up the map model remains the same whether you order it manually or contact us.

Your first step is to provide us with all the information you have regarding your property, including digital blueprints and drawings. Share it via email or other services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer, OneDrive, etc.

Upon receiving all the material, several days are spent reviewing and understanding it. Then, questions will be asked and a review will be conducted. We will be able to communicate directly with you via an online tool called Slack. We will invite you to private #groups in Slack so that you can talk directly to us.

In the initial stages of creating your unique and tailor-made model, we can add/do anything, but we do follow standards to value our time appropriately. Standards will be recommended – and if something is above the standard, we can add it, but it will require more hours to complete. This will be explained when communicating.

The wayfinding system will be configured with (we will do all this for you):

The setup and naming of the floor hierarchy.
Each floor’s portal is set up and connected.
Access to the outdoor environment / entrance.
The creation of streets and connections to all points of interest and stores.
Placing all objects and poi on the map.
Initial guide startup testing.
Configuration of guide terminals based on start position, floor separation, and angle setup.

Styling of maps (UI/UX – User Interface & User Experience):

The placement of all store logos needs to be reviewed and corrected.
To make localization easier, add additional symbols/ street names/ important information/ anchor icons.
Tag the floor with additional tags.
Colors and lines are further contrasted.
Text and speech bubbles have been updated.
Setting up unique category colors for each mall.
Modifications such as configuring mall logotype and title.

Local translations:

Additional translation strings may be needed.

External addons (API´s):

In case there is an existing API such as a train, bus, airport, movie trailer, etc.
Google Maps locations for outdoor navigation – outside 3D model.
If customer leaves the facility we switch to Google Maps (optional).

Correction (Finalizing/letting you test the final result):

Corrections to delivery customer reviews
After initial installation, there is a two-week test period (initial routes testing).

In the pre-initial stages, we can also add “extras” – such things we discuss with you together.

Could be bus schedules, airport departures and more anything can be added.


The model can be viewed from any angle and in any view mode after it has been created. The textures and settings are customized to match your graphical and styling profiles. Several years of developing navigation for people in public environments are combined here. Digital map models are created with the highest quality and rendered for any display.
It is a true digital 3D asset that can be imported into external 3D programs. A variety of VR and augmented reality solutions can be used to display the model.

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