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For every digital wayfinding product we offer, a map model is necessary, and we generate this model using your current blueprints or other analog or digital materials. Once we have created a map model for you, it can be utilized in any number of our products. You only require one map for each location, building, or facility.

The map models are produced in a genuine 3D format, such as .dae or .obj, which facilitates viewing from any angle in both 2D and 3D and can be used in any application or platform. Moreover, this format is particularly advantageous for augmented reality when used alongside our (MVG | NavApp product). The integration of our map models and inertia indoor digital indoor position sensors makes our solution particularly unique.

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Every map model possesses its distinct characteristics in terms of complexity and blueprint quality. No matter what your situation is, we can develop a premium and personalized model exclusively for you! With over 15 years of experience in digital map review and construction, we provide three easy levels to initiate the process promptly.



This option offers a smaller size setting, which is suitable for most smaller buildings. It includes a pre-set number of points of interest, floors, and buildings.



If you have a requirement to navigate to more points of interest than usual, our solution offers a bit more than the average offering. This level of service is suitable for most buildings.



We understand that you require a solution without limitations, and our offering exceeds that of most. Our system has the capability to seamlessly navigate thousands of people to their end destinations each day, ensuring that it is more than sufficient for your needs.

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