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With a classic design and high-quality construction and technology parts, this terminal stands out.

This product is produced, designed, and created in Sweden using the best materials.


The Swedish government prefers this bold wayfinding solution in many of their buildings, but it can be used anywhere.

The terminal’s durable Corian® material encases your wayfinding display in a smooth and ultra-clear surface. Its easy access encourages user interaction and gets your foot traffic on its way.

Available in black, white, or gray. You can choose from a 32″ or a 43.2″ multi-touch screen, with a 1920 x 1080 resolution.

Combined with the MVG Media Player, the WiFi or LTE signal easily passes through the material.

Enjoy maximum wayfinding efficiency and product quality in one. You will have a bright display for many years to come.

Whether you do it yourself or engage the MVG team, installation is a breeze. A full-spectrum servicing can be arranged anytime, for as long as you need. 

From the product you also get the “MVG | NavApp” wirelessly (click here to read more about that product) application which then enables complete navigation from any smartphone. The application is wirelessly transferred from the Terminal UX product through QR codes or SMS.

The QR codes are designed and styled so they match your company’s profile. This is also very important to ensure that only you can create the codes from our manager. The SMS function is optional – and can be used with the Terminal UX.

We offer a daily (workdays) first line support on all our products after purchase. We include a one year cost for this. After the first year this subscription will be updated according to what you will need.

Using our “Monitoring CMS” system our support team will help you make sure everything is up and running – you will also be able to see all your device up-n-running. You can read more about our support tool here (Moniroting CMS). 

Thanks to this tool our teams can remotely and quickly fix/patches/problem solve remotely. On-site problem solving requires we work togheter after purchase to setup the correct communication channels to electricians or other on-site personal (or external companies).

Automation is our service that enables unique connections to your existing data to automatically send (export) information to our products in a usable way. This means you can continue to work with your existing systems. We develop and add a unique (API) connection that makes this possible.

By enabling automation you also enable the use of machine learning, that can make smart and in-real time AI connections of where data should be sent. For example, if someone searches for “shoes”, we can by automation and machine learning send this to other screens so they know what “commercials” to show. 

No more random placements of ads based on old data. We make these connections in real-time and in milliseconds screens know what to play to maximise profit and return of investments.

By enabling automation and machine learning from our services, you also make it possible to make connections to our smart programmatic advertising engines.

All these services we offer our customers after review of your current environment. 

After purchase of any of our product(s) we do recommend a workshop meeting to help you get the most out of your product. You can read more about that here.

Except “automation” service which is one of the most important features, service, support and custom integrations is very common to go through. For example if you want to show “bus times”, “train schedule” or other things which makes the digital wayfinder offer your customers a better service.

We can integrate and create any type of custom work – but it all starts with a “workshop” were we can go through with you in detail and review all things.

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