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The remote IoT power control saves you the hours needed to ask a technician to go to remote places to power on/off or check on electricity. Through a control interface that we enable for specific Tier partners, this device is easily controlled remotely. It’s also connected to automated services – such as connecting to our “client(s)” or “screen(s)” for setting power schedules and more.

IoT remote power control for setting power schedules and remotely debug issues with electricity. The more efficent your support team can be with working remote saves you time and money and ensures a higher quality of service.

Through many years of public installations, this router is not only tailor-made from the ground-up but has also evolved and strengthened throughout the years. It is now a powerful tool in today’s digital network(s).

The router’s main function is to provide you with a reliable internet connection. The device broadcasts through an ETH cable connected to your device, or through the wireless network.

The internet connection is crucial for equipment to receive updates and communicate relevant and up-to-date information. This is a must-have device if you do not have a stable internet connection, or a secure environment.

The IoT modem also enables connectivity to your device remotely, if needed. 

By combining this product with our media players, you get the best possible solution. The process of connecting to a primary source is automated, and if it fails, we automatically connect and enable our LTE service. This allows you to save time and avoid sending technicians out on site.

Specialised services are available on request. For example, if you need to customise specific rules or scripts settings in order to post GPS data, or limit the amount of monthly bandwidth.


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