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Reliable and Secure Wi-Fi Connectivity for Digital Signage Networks

Managed WiFi

Managed WiFi is a solution designed for businesses seeking hassle-free connectivity, allowing them to focus on their core operations. 

Whether you have a large office, retail store, restaurant, or need to connect a multitude of servers in a data center, the wireless local network is designed to function reliably everywhere and at all times.

We offer a network solution designed to meet the needs of both standard Wi-Fi usage and the specific requirements of digital signage components. This includes customized QoS rules, dedicated bandwidth, and mesh management to ensure optimal screen quality. If you’re not using LTE (MVG | IoT LTE) for your digital signage network, a stable Wi-Fi solution is essential, and this is where MVG excels.

MVG WiFi Platform, Installed as an On-Premise Gateway, for Essential WiFi Services with Potential for Monetization.

When it comes to establishing a smoothly running digital signage system, dedicated network hardware and software are essential. However, do you know what truly guarantees impeccably reliable connectivity? Our tailor made Linux routers and smart monitoring system solves this!

For WIFI hardware we’ve teamed up with Ruckus for top-tier Wi-Fi deployment, incorporating intelligent mesh functionality to ensure unwavering stability, even in the face of network challenges.

Wi-Fi Strategic Planning

All your devices can easily connect and link to the wireless network, offering increased freedom and flexibility. We handle all the practical aspects, taking care of everything from planning, design, installation, operation, maintenance, monitoring, and support. All to ensure you can sit back and relax.

Cost-effective WIFI

Save money by substituting investments in equipment and expertise with a self-sustaining and automatically up-to-date solution that ensures stable internet connectivity for essential equipment.

We take care of everything

We tailor the solution entirely to your business needs and handle planning, design, installation, operation, maintenance, as well as monitoring and support.

new profits from WIFI

Full visibility into traffic flow through our data. We provide a diverse range of programmatic income solutions to transform previously non-profitable WiFi networks.

The MVG Network Topology

Custom-Crafted Networking (WIFI)

 Effortlessly troubleshoot, diagnose, and resolve issues without needing to dispatch a technician or ship a device. With MVG, you hold the ability to control and debug your fleet in real-time, from any location. Experience the effectiveness of MVG´s remote device management.


Working in Partnership with Your In-House IT Team

Catering to the tech-savvy crowd, we adeptly configure our routers, access controllers, server radius environments, and switches.

However, in alignment with our customer’s requirements, we consistently collaborate with in-house IT technicians to establish a symbiotic partnership.

This teamwork thrives on cooperation and leverages the expertise of on-site personnel who possess intimate knowledge of the physical location—vital for maintaining a seamlessly operational network.

Our IoT manager hosts an array of tools and online connections that amplify the effectiveness of this collaborative effort, truly illuminating its potential.

Guest WiFi Enhances Business Growth

Free wireless internet has become a ubiquitous convenience cherished by all. It’s now an expectation for businesses to provide this service to their customers. However, can enterprises transform this expected amenity into an avenue for revenue expansion? The answer is a resounding yes, and it’s achieved through MVG.

Additionally, our intelligent captive-portal technology, along with smart links to real-time open bidding networks, can unlock new programmatic income features for you. This means you can potentially generate a new source of automated revenue.

Identify Your Customers in Crowds

The effectiveness of location-based advertising lies in its precision and timeliness. MVG’s location engine empowers you to deliver pertinent offers at the right moment. With our guest WiFi solution, you gain access to heatmap analysis, enabling you to entice customers with irresistible deals.

Pairing our Wi-Fi solution with our digital wayfinding app (MVG | NavApp) is an ideal method to seamlessly deliver the solution wirelessly to anyone.

WIFI Portals with new options

Examples of Guest Portals

With our guest portals, we not only design a visually appealing portal tailored to your facility’s unique graphic profile, but we also seamlessly integrate it with our digital wayfinding and digital signage system.

For instance, when a guest connects to your Wi-Fi, our MVG | NavApp initiates immediately upon login. This offers an incredibly efficient way for people to navigate and familiarize themselves with your building.

Additionally, we can create banners and spaces where you have full control over the displayed messages, allowing you to showcase important information of your choice. You have the option to white-label and manually manage this feature or leverage our AI programmatic network to generate a new source of income.

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