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leading platform - information screens.

Digitize your information and communicate your message.

With digital information screens, you reach your target audience more easily, smarter, and safer.

The product is designed for smooth operation with built-in computers, tailored specifically for Samsung screens, ensuring an uncomplicated and neat setup process. We offer support for various “styles and templates” that can be customized to match the unique graphical profile of your buildings. The screen size and resolution (including the casing) can accommodate all sizes and above. Working with native Samsung screens provides us with the flexibility to deliver precisely what the customer desires.

By integrating embedded internet through MVG | IoT LTE router, our digital posters become exceptionally easy to install. The seamless incorporation of internet connectivity simplifies the process. Your primary tasks now include selecting the installation location and ensuring a power connection, as all the necessary internet functionalities come preconfigured out of the box, making everything super simple.

Screens are available in both 4K and 1080p resolutions, supporting both landscape and portrait orientations. With all these built-in features, installation is highly efficient – just plug into a power outlet, and the rest is automated.

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The app is wirelessly transferred

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Digital stairwell displays have the purpose of facilitating the distribution of information to visitors and tenants in an easy and convenient manner. 

By placing digital stairwell displays near the main entrance or reception, you can effectively communicate real-time news and information to one or several properties. 

This leads to reduced management costs for your company or homeowners’ association.

Communicate in your own way!

Both residential buildings and commercial properties face challenges in updating floor registries for stairwells when moves occur. In certain buildings, there can be significant turnover, with businesses and residents moving in and out regularly.

In such cases, it’s truly clever to have a stairwell nameplate that is easily updatable through software. Names can be changed in an instant, and it’s also straightforward to correct any misspellings or inaccuracies.

Additionally, we strongly advise considering the integration of our automation service with this product. This integration facilitates the automatic updating of content directly from your existing in-house CMS (content management system(s)).

Furthermore, leveraging the same map on your website or seamlessly incorporating it into any existing applications you may possess is highly recommended. Our comprehensive integration suite is at your disposal to ensure a cohesive experience.

With everything included

Incorporate "Digital Poster" (UI) for static information
You can also utilize our "Kiosk" (UI) with a multitouch to create an interactive experience.

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Digital Signage CMS + Digital Wayfinding CMS

We provide not just an intelligent digital wayfinding product, but also a comprehensive digital signage system allowing you to broadcast images, movies, and more. The possibilities are endless with thousands of templates and videos that can be added through our creative CMS interfaces. Communicate and create your unique content effortlessly, whether or not you engage with a media company.

An innovative digital signage solution providing a user-friendly, cloud-based platform accessible online to anyone with a browser. Explore a vast library of 10,000+ templates, styles, videos, and more. Effortlessly create the content you desire.

Maximize your visibility with a digital screen

Streamline communication with MVG digital signage. Employee communication.

Digital Signage. Services: Digital screens, easy setup, smart integrations.

Discover the simplicity of digital information screens.

By integrating our smart MVG | NavApp with any of our products, you immediately enhance communication within your building and elevate the experience for visitors and guests, adding significant value.


By employing automation, the digital wayfinding map is effortlessly populated with data, eliminating the need for manual oversight. We highly recommend this service! Each automation is custom-designed to integrate seamlessly with your existing backend systems.

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