Digital Wayfinding for Hospitals

MVG Wayfinder helps patients and visitors easily find their way

Decreasing stress in a hospital environment is paramount.
Likewise, newer staff members can focus on patient care, instead of worrying about their location.

MVG Wayfinder provides an intuitive patient and hospital staff experience.
Stress-free navigation reduces wait times for appointments.

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Optimise hospital accessibility by highlighting departments, wheelchairs, ramps and elevator locations.

All users, all the time.

Multiple Devices

Provide secure, current and consistent wayfinding solutions for any device throughout the entire hospital complex.

Share Directions

MVG | Info Kiosk

SMS or email patients their hospital appointment details and directions. MVG products swiftly and easily communicate relevant information, so you can minimize confusion and stress.

Place the Info Kiosk in a highly visible location, where patients or visitors can access the QR code, scan it from the screen, and immediately receive their digital wayfinding solution.


QR Code Locators

By scanning a nearby QR code sign, patients, staff or visitors can pindrop their location instantaneously.

Interactive Kiosk Maps

Wayfinder Info Kiosks inspire confidence. The user-friendly design gives patients a sense of control when being guided to their destination.

Tailor-made products

Below are product(s) that are specifically created to digitise hospital environments. These products can be used individually, and depending on your environment different products work best for you.

A perfect way to help visitors and patients to find their way. Simple QR code scan the sign and customers get the navigation to their smartphone. From the QR code you get the Nav | App product read more here.

Solid check-in kiosks mean confident hospital navigation. When you provide your visitors and staff clearly defined directions, they naturally save the energy and attention needed for optimal patient care.

This product is optimal for communicating information in a hospital enviroment. Click the product to learn more.

Screens that show a “overview” of the entire building. These screens are optimal to use to wireleslly also transfer the MVG | PWA – App product.

Integrate the digital wayfinding into websites or apps that you might already have. We have technical documentation on how to do this easily.

Clinical department information meets the MVG Android OS stand. Its notable 43.5″, multi-touch screen ensures an efficient hospital visit.

MVG | Digital Wayfinding - Journey

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