Digital Wayfinding for Hotels


Your guests already love your hotel.
Make their stay even more memorable.

MVG Wayfinder Solutions ensures the best guest experience possible.
During their stay, patrons benefit from our intuitive search engine, so they can locate any
point-of-interest available. From basement boutiques to rooftop views, MVG gets you there.


Highlight ramps, elevators or wheelchair/ECV rental.
All users, all the time.

Find what's important

Offer your hotel goers a wayfinding experience, so relaxed, that they only notice after they have been smiling all day.

Wayfinding Hotels

Enable visitors to navigate around the entire hotel compound. From conference rooms to outdoor theme parks, MVG gets you there.

Interactive Kiosk Maps

Integrate Apple Maps or Google Maps into your hotel information kiosks. Customers can retrieve their route on their smartphones, confident that the information is current and on point.

Direction Modes

Provide your visitors with dedicated paths that indicate time and distance: walking, biking or golf carting.

Seamless Integration

Integrate MVG Wayfinder with other hotel OS, such as location-based messaging, asset tracking to identify rooms ready to be cleaned, taxis that have arrived and any other hospitality application you can think of.

Make waves with our stylish Check-in Kiosk. Its exclusive Corian® surface delivers the MVG Digital Signage OS that runs on Android for multi-touch solutions.

Enable employees to navigate corporate or special occasion events. Save them the energy they need to keep your guests well looked after and free to enjoy their business or pleasure.

Your hotel at a glance inspires the explorer in your patrons. Watch them scan the QR Code and smile all the way to their next hotel pit stop, while possibly planning the one after that.

Picture perfect, no-nonsense, eye-level attention grabbers. Classic.

With a digital map model of your entire hotel compound, you provide your guests wayfinding navigation solutions from the parking lot to poolside entertainment.

Save time for your guests and employees. Create the optimal environment for hotel goers to delight in their stay, and for employees to enjoy making that happen.

Employee confidence during special hotel events saves and supports the time and energy needed for carrying out and enjoying their jobs.

MVG | Digital Wayfinding - Journey

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