Digital Wayfinding for Cities

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The outdoor guide for your visitors.

Powered by the best data and the most accurate information, everywhere.

The ultimate navigation solution and technology for mobility in cities.

Wayfinding Cities

MVG’s interactive directories pull up desired locations across all mobile devices.

What could be better than allowing city explorers to confidently find their way?

Use the interactive directories (kiosks) to wirelessly transfer the mobile Wayfinder app.

You are on your way!


Business or pleasure, tourist or local. Inclusivity is yet another key to your city. With one click, our directory tech shows important city services and landmarks alike.

Whether you are an individual with special needs, or you require immediate help and/or directions, our directories provide you with that information and that confidence, in an instant.

Multiple Screen App

Provide a secure and smooth experience in your city on any device.

Location, Location, Location.

Knowing where you are and where to go is truly the key to any city. If knowledge is power, then MVG is the on switch.

Custom Maps

Integrate MVG Wayfinding solutions with your existing CMS backbone. We combine Google Maps and our own WebGL maps for the indoors to create the perfect navigation solution.

Augmented Reality

Never lost and never too far away from crucial information. Give and receive in depth knowledge that lets your citizens and visitors navigate your city landscape. Our unique app, that can be used on any smartphone without installing anything, allows both WebGL map views, 2D or 3D, and even combines it with AR.

With a Digital Map Model of your entire city, you give your visitors expert treasure hunting skills.

By giving your tourists the power to get to know your city better, they will soon navigate like locals. With the MVG wayfinding experience, you create a relaxed vibe that supports confident exploring.

Your citizens and visitors can now link to our QR code directional signpost and get immediate directions.

No wires. No downloads. They are on their way.

This esthetic outdoor digital furniture totem is IP58 rated (protected from limited dust ingress). Install it anywhere and enjoy your complete, multi-touch screen wayfinding solution.

Tourist Top-3 list? Planning their day in your fabulous city, knowing where their crew is, finding their way.

Wirelessly transfer the MVG app to any smartphone and it will take care of the Top-3 and more.

MVG | Digital Wayfinding - Journey

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