Digital Wayfinding for Malls

Optimise revenue with MVG Digital Wayfinder Products


Guide and improve the shopper’s experience, as well as the visibility of your tenants,
thanks to our interactive, indoor-mapping solution.

More satisfied customers means more returning visits, and more retailers looking to secure spaces in the mall.      

As a shopping centre operator, you can equally benefit from satisfied visitors and store operators, and thus increase your revenue. Thanks to our unique NavApp solution you can navigate to a product or a specific brand. 

Enable wireless payments directly from the App – this made possible thanks to our Automation service. 


We provide shopping mall solutions that enhance the shopper experience, increase tenant visibility, and increase internal efficiency. Having developed pre-built mapping applications for years, we have a wide range of experience.

Shopping malls can utilize our interactive mapping and wayfinding solutions to help shoppers discover the retailers and services available at their property.

With our mall solutions, you can provide shoppers with functional discovery and navigation while highlighting advertising through existing workflows. Combined with our mall software, this allows your business to make more informed decisions regarding the experience of visitors and tenants.


Analytics, providing a deeper understanding of shopper intent through search data. With powerful search and indoor navigation, shoppers will have more time to explore your shopping mall.



Our versatile wayfinder works everywhere.

Optimise mall accessibility by highlighting ramps and elevator locations.

Increase store visibility by highlighting logos in special colours in order to create extra attention.

The shopping experience

Let customers self-navigate their shopping mall experience. Precision in wayfinding gives people their own personal North Star, so mall owners can proudly bring new life and accessibility to their brands, products and services.

Seamless Integrations

Integrate the MVG Wayfinder solution with other systems, such as facility management, asset tracking, location-based  messages and more.

Multiple Devices

Provide a consistent experience inside your shopping mall on any device. With Google Maps integrated into our 3D model, you find current content on all platforms.

No downloads. Directions in a heartbeat.

Our app is free, and is easily deployed with QR code or Check-In Kiosks.

It is not just an app, it is a sport.

Make waves with our stylish Check-in Kiosk. Its exclusive Corian® surface delivers the MVG Digital Signage OS, which runs on Android for multi-touch solutions.

Deploy in any indoor space, and share information through QR Code or SMS.

Let the waves begin.

Let your mall goers feel like a philharmonic conductor on our Android OS stand. Its notable, 43.5″, multi-touch screen invites a composed shopping experience.

With a digital model of your entire complex, you provide your clientele with excellent wayfinding navigation skills, from parking to checkout.

By initially saving people time, you create an environment for loyal customers to enjoy a streamlined shopping experience each time they return.

Out automation service makes all information management a breeze. If you have a system today we can extract that – and automate it to our digital signage or digital wayfinding.

Our 3D models can be used to display a high-resolution 2D image on different sizes of screens. A user/customer/visitor can wirelessly scan the QR code to get the application to their smartphone.

Greet your visitors outside your mall, and let them quickly find what they are looking for before they enter your facility. Communicate important information, and allow them to wirelessly get the MVG | NavApp.

If you have high-ceilings, this is the perfect solution to communicate wayfinding and important information. It is automatically updated if you connect it to our automated services, or you can manage it manually.

MVG | Digital Wayfinding - Journey

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