Digital Wayfinding for cruise lines

Give all your passengers the best experience possible with our digital wayfinding solutions

Provide helpful directions, and let your passengers relax knowing that they can with ease navigate to their next destination. 

During their visit on the boat, they can benefit from the intuitive search engine’s ability to locate any point-of-interest available. Even connect products and services to enable automation for wireless payments to find products and services. All this made possible thanks to our NavApp technology.


Knowing exactly where you are and where you want to go increases customer experience dramatically.


Enable customers and guests on your ship or cruise line to find relevant information quickly and easily. And even wirelessly pay for products and services.


Make your ship or cruise line access friendly to all visitors.

Multiple Screen App

Provide consistent digital wayfinding experiences for users across all devices.

Kiosk Ready

Integrate Apple Maps or Google Maps into your information kiosks. Passengers can retrieve their route on their smartphones, confident that the information is current and on point.


Connect products and services to the same NavApp, let boat visitors find what they are looking for and at the same time wirelessly buy the products. A true Covid-19 safe way.


Integrate MVG Wayfinder solutions with your existing CMS backbone.

This app is all you need to navigate any location. It uses WebGL APIs to create a very satisfying augmented reality experience. Lead the user to any spot, anywhere, anytime.

State-of-the-art customized navigation stands for those wanting to provide an effortless multi-touch wayfinding experience.

This simply elegant multi-touch screen stand is an excellent choice to deliver all your digital wayfinding solutions. Cost effective & portable.

An arena and its 360° navigation could use a few MVG Android OS stands. Its sizeable 43.5″ multi-touch screen offers an efficient seat, washroom, and concession stand wayfinding solution.

We create a digital map model of your entire boat. MVG’s wayfinding tech syncs with Google Maps or Apple maps to make even a first-time boat experience truly amazing.

Improve your foot traffic flow with these ceiling mounted screens. Let your stadium goers navigate from a distance and communicate in realtime.

API synchronized, these information blocks streamline each wayfinding need.

MVG | Digital Wayfinding - Journey

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