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A mobile digital wayfinding solution that works everywhere!

It installs in seconds on all mobile devices and desktops. With our standalone navigation app, you can provide digital wayfinding to everyone quickly and easily.

Customers can download the digital wayfinding app wirelessly from any of our products. You can also print QR codes on signs – that can be placed anywhere – that customers can scan to download the navigation app.

Custom integrations and modifications are available so the app can be loaded and integrated however you wish.

You can learn more about our app integration here.


When our app has loaded into any users smartphone we position the user automatically with sensors they already have in their device. No need to install any third-party equipment.

The use of sensors already available in every smartphone to position the user is a game-changer (compass, gyro, steps counter, etc.). The app doesn’t need to be installed from the app store, which we see as crucial for reaching people quickly.

See our demo here.

We have installed our products for more than 15 years in public and government facilities, where we have reached the highest security standards and compatibility levels (GDPR, WCAG).

We have created a UX (user experience) that focuses on simplicity for users through many years of development. Giving people the guide they want as fast as possible without distractions or complications, this means no-app to intall – runs fast – super intuitive layout.

Specifically for Digital Wayfinding, we do not suggest manual updating. This often renders content quickly out-of-date and demands constant updating. Instead, we recommend connecting with our team of developers to extract and automate content through the use of API.

By enabling automation and machine learning from our services, you can remove the need to manually update content – its all automatic – highly efficient.

When automated content exists we can connect this data to our programmatic advertising engines if needed. In combination with the use of machine learning that can make smart and real-time AI connections of where data should be sent. For example, someone is searching for “shoes”. Then, through automation and machine learning, the information can be sent to other screens which then shows the right ads.

Read more about our automation service here:

In order to get the most out of your product, we recommend a workshop meeting.

Besides the “automation” service, which is one of the most important features, service, support, and custom integrations are very common. The digital wayfinder can display bus times, train schedules, or other things that make your customers’ lives easier.

Any type of custom work can be integrated and created – but it all starts with a “workshop” where we can go over everything in detail.

Click here for more information and to order a workshop.

You need the map model for every digital wayfinding product. Once the map model is created, it can easily be modified and adapted.
As part of our map project, we will create a map model that is tailored to fit your environment. Based on whatever digital information you have about your current facility, we perform this analysis.

The map model can then be viewed from any angle and in any view mode. Textures and settings are applied based on your style and graphical profile. Here we combine our extensive knowledge of several years of creating navigation for people in public environments. The digital map model is created of the highest quality and rendered for use on any display.

Map smart guides: The unique technology within the map navigation makes it possible for us to create unique guide concepts – depending on nearest path or advanced pass through options.

The map model is a true 3D format .dae .glb file which you can use to import into external 3D programs, such as displaying the model in VR or Augmented Reality solutions.

You can also edit and view the file afterwards with tools such as “Blender”. Blender is a free tool you can download and install.

You can learn and order your digital map here.

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