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Let us help you deploy a successful digital signage/digital wayfinding solution – through careful planing!

Through careful and planning we can help you achieve your goal and go beyond. We have many years of experience with digital wayfinding and digital signage we will gladly share to help you be successfull with your solution.

When planning projects for our customers we work with very efficent online-tools and project management systems – so you can easily follow progress. A completely transparent process – were the key people get easy and quick access to information directly and efficently.

A successful digital signage or digital wayfinding solution requires a good planning (workshop) and understanding of the goals.
In order to make the workshop as successful as possible, we go through the following steps in careful planning.

  • Presentation Wayfinding/Signage solution according to agreement.
  • Offer of wayfinding solution with additional benefits.
  • Order (confirmation).
  • Start-up meeting technical review.
  • Confirmation of formalities (contact form).
  • Site Survey (location, type, number, additional services).
  • (If wayfinding solution)Updated floor plans of the building.
  • Checking tenant logos in (automation) (local tenants).
  • Confirm desired options/additions.
  • Confirm colors Main menu and Shortcuts.
  • Production casing wayfinders/signage.
  • Hardware (monitors, players/PC) is reserved.
  • Setup Policy & Server API (automation) plans.
  • Map mdoel is being built
  • Control and testing of map model with content.
  • Revision of Map model with content
  • Infrastructure is ordered (Electricity) for wayfinding/signage.
  • Infrastructure is ordered/checked (eth/wifi/lte).
  • Installation resources are allocated.
  • Status meeting (hardware, infrastructure, functions, content)
  • (Electricity) ready (verified)
    Infrastructure (wired network) ready and tested.
  • Installation of lift screens and commissioning.
  • Installation of wayfinders/signage and commissioning.
  • Training wayfinding/signage.
  • Approval period (if applicable, corrective measures).


Digital signage and digital wayfinding solutions are our specialties.

We suggest workshops for all our customers!

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