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Introducing a customized PC-less media player solution designed specifically for Samsung screens, enabling the creation of a dynamic digital signage environment.

With just this software and a Samsung QH screen, which you can conveniently purchase from your preferred dealer, you’re all set. The application installation process is quick and straightforward, taking only a few minutes. Once installed, you can effortlessly manage your media content, including movies and images, through our user-friendly digital signage manager.

This solution offers a seamless installation experience without the need for an external media player, as everything is integrated and operates through the Samsung Tizen operating system. We provide two types of CMS Signage managers to control the content: “Creative Manager” and “Admin Manager.”

If you already have pre-made media content from a media company or in-house art directors, our Admin CMS is the ideal choice for you. On the other hand, if you prefer to create content from scratch using simple templates and pre-made content, our Creative solution CMS (Canva) is available.

Regardless of your preference, both systems allow you to effortlessly manage the content displayed on the screen. Please note that licenses for each media player is separate and the type of manager you want (Admin or Creative) are purchased separately. For more information, please visit our website’s license section.

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