MVG | Digital Poster UX


Gives you access to our development portal were we can connect functions and features to a static “digital poster” solution (mostly used for screens without touchscreens). Styles and features can match any requirements, and the software is loaded through any modern browser. We suggest using our mediaplayers (Tizen or Linux) to load this program, but we do support any other digital signage system for easy integration. 

There is a standardized structure and format to the layout of the overview map, but it can be customized to match your customers any requirements.

To get started with either digital signage or digital wayfinding you just need our membership. Once you have the membership you can login and manage your solution.

For digital wayfinding you need the digital map model, which is the “map” where we visualise your facility. You can use the same map model for all our products.

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Are you interested in how wayfinding and signage can improve your business?

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