MVG | Floor Unit Sign

An efficient way of placing screens easily, where you want it. With a simpler style.


MVG | Floor Unit Sign

Combines our media player with a floor mount designed to be easily installed and placed anywhere.

Ready to go!

You can choose between different sizes of screens, and if you want to use a multi-touchscreen or not.

The firmware and software on the media player and screens are all ready to go and easily activated. Quickly grow a large network with screens. The entire combination of products has been widely tested in public environments. It is a safe and reliable solution to place anywhere.

To get started with either Digital Signage or Digital Wayfinding, you just need our membership. Once you have the membership, you can login and manage your solution.

For digital wayfinding you need the 3D model, which is the “map” where we create a detailed, visual representation of your facility. You can use the same 3D model for all our products.

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Runs in seconds on all mobile devices and desktops. Your quick-to-market, tailor-made, digital wayfinding solution you can evolve with.

Hardwareless requirements that run on your visitors’ own smart devices.

We utilise technology to position users using the built-in sensors in every smartphone today. A very cost-effective and decisive way of navigating and positioning a user.

Read more about our digital wayfinding app here.

Click here to see video on how our wayfinding app works.

Our unique combination of functions and features for the digital wayfinding solution is vast, and it can be your “simple and quick solution” or your “advanced and integrated solution”.

We have many unique functions such as:

Automated content possibilities that make our products easy and quick to deploy anywhere.

Show the 3D maps in 3D modes or in simplistic 2D views.

Any angle and format, we support everything.

Our unique app runs on all devices without any installation.

Position users automatically with sensors they already have in their smartphones today. No need for any third-party installation equipment. Textures and quality matching your every requirement.

Our installations today are both in public and government facilities, where we have reached the highest security standards and compatibility levels (GDPR, WCAG).

We have a unique set of tools connecting the Digital Wayfinding with the Digital Signage (screensaver). This way you can create content and reach all your information and advertisement goals.

Read more about our automation service here.

Read more about our Media Production service here.

Read more about our administration service here.

Read more about our 3D models here.

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Our environment for Digital Signage reaches all levels of company objectives and goals.

Whether you need a manager for the designer, administrator, or IT-teams, we have the right interface. You will be able to manage both complicated and simple environments.

Everything runs online, so there is no need to install anything. It is a secure and reliable system with over ten years of proven success.

We have a unique set of media players designed for both Linux, Android, RPI4 and Tizen to support anything.

Together with our other services, we offer to help you with content, development of something unique, or just help with the administration. We are the partner for your every need.

All our products need internet access. If you do not have a reliable internet connection, we suggest you use our IoT devices, making it work seamlessly for you.

The IoT modems can be used with ethernet cables or connect screens with WiFi. You can manage the usage by scanning the QR code.

Read more about our IOT solution here.

When you buy our products, you get the media player inside the product ready to go. But we also offer the possibility for our media players to be used with any “existing” screens you might have. Our media players can be either a standalone device, which you connect to your screen through HDMI, or integrate the player into the screen. However, this is only for Samsung Tizen screens 4.0, 5.0 and 6.0.

Read more here about our standard media player – all in one box.

Read more about our Android media player software (.apk) here. 

Read more about our Samsung Tizen player (software) here.

Read more about our high-end Linux media player all in one box here.

Specifically for Digital Wayfinding, we do not suggest manual updating. This often renders content quickly out-of-date and demands constant updating. Instead, we recommend connecting with our team of developers to extract and automate content through the use of API.

By enabling automation and machine learning from our services, you can connect to our programmatic advertising engines. Enable the use of machine learning that can make smart and real-time AI connections of where data should be sent. For example, someone is searching for “shoes”. Then, through automation and machine learning, the information can be sent to other screens which then shows the right ads.

Read more about our automation service here.

Once you have any of our products, you can reach out to us in the manager widget. Whether you need help with content, administration, support or anything else, our team is ready to assist. 

Read more about our automation service here.

Read more about our Media Production service here.

Read more about our administration service here.

Read more about our 3D models here.

Read more about our manager widget here.

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