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Smart Sync Plug-in

With our smart plug-in, your analytics will be synchronised automatically with Google Maps and Apple Maps.

MVG + Google Maps

One place of management, thanks to our export engines. Once we create a unique 3D model for you, then it is available for Google Maps. Data is GEO tagged correctly so data is the same between all platforms.

The map we create is available in both 2D and 3D, giving you the option to work with any other applications.

We work with standardised formats such as: .obj, .svg and .glb.


Thanks to our clever API plugin, you can automate content from your existing systems to our current reactive real-time databases. This means all data is in synchronisation with all platforms.

A true one-place to manage all your content. The automation service is available for all customers who have the possibility to enable this, something we highly recommend. Each automation project begins with IT meetings and a review of your current systems.

Manager Widget

Thanks to smart security standards such as SSO or Token based settings you can also integrate our manager system inside your own current system, allowing your users to continue with their existing usernames and passwords. This means seamless management for your users.

Users log into your current manager, and through smart security settings see all the functions needed for management.

This is the digital signage IOT modem that connects your device(s) to the internet through LTE connectivity. This tailor-made Linux product solves all internet connection issues. It’s highly cost-efficient and an effortless solution that can be used to deploy digital signage and digital wayfinding products easily.

Through many years of public installations, this modem is not only tailor-made from the start but has evolved through the years and is now available to help today’s digital networks.

Digital Signage Network Solutions

Deploy captive portals to greet all your mobile users (WIFI)

Customisable captive portal options

  • Banners (manual or programmatic)
  • Digital Signage Content
  • Multiple options available

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